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Inspector Regulator

Every club or Instructor that joins the EAS as a member will require a visit from our Regulator inspection team of their facilities, equipment, layout, to determine Safety of Use.


We also provide inspection services for your equipment that is used by your club members, these include Bows, string, arrows, arm guards, rests, tabs etc, we offer repair or replacement parts when or where needed if required.

If you are a provider of Archery at your business location, we are the ONLY organisation within Suffolk and Norfolk that supply this Regulating service. We can provide fully qualified instructors up to a EAS Level 2 Coaching qualification and help with your staffs coaching/refresher needs.

Our aims and objectives, is to make sure your clients/members have everything in place to continue in safety their enjoyment of Archery.

If you wish to book our qualified Inspector regulator, please contact our head office on 01502 583926 or email:

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