(International Coaching Qualification)

And Club Set-up

The ICQ course - (International Coaching Qualification) is designed and ONLY available to your members of staff, when you book us to set up Archery as an extra activity to your place of business.

This has become popular amongst many of the holiday resorts across the UK as well as Turkey, main land Spain and many of the Canary Islands, who see the increase in Health and Safety, plus correct deliverance in Archery coaching and participant.

We have visited many destinations within Turkey, Mainland Spain and the Canary Islands and witnessed first hand the lack of professional staff and set-up for visitors participants, therefore having many activities being cancelled due to the incorrect system and training in place.

Here at the ICQ headquarters based in the UK, can deliver professional training/coaching packages in Archery to your members of staff.

Here are some example of packages we have available:

Turkey - ICQ course per person                                = 2600.57 Turkish Lira

                                                                                         = 398.03 Euro

Spain, Canary Islands - ICQ course per person      = 398.03 Euro

These prices do not include Course Instructors Fee's.

Expenses include Air travel to and from your place of business, accommodation and food for the whole duration of the course.

Please use the contact form below, and we will be in touch straight away.

Please Note: summer season is a busy time, if you wish to book our senior coach instructor, it is best to arrange visits out of season. Thank you

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