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The Eastern Archers Society UK, has been established since 2012. It was the first full-time archery club to have an in-door range of 20 meters. There is an on sight shop for members to become fully equipped in everything archery. The in-door range is open 6 days a week, with a qualified level 2 instructor to give you one to one instruction so you can reach high level archer.

EAS UK main Head Quarters is situated on London Road South Lowestoft. We also run Archery Activities coaching course to help up and coming enthusiasts who want to make Archery their career.  Archery has proven a highly rewarding activity that becomes a lifelong journey of participation and development in the sport and is enjoyed by people of all ages and abilities.

Coaches are in a unique position of responsibility and influence, not only over an archer's level of improvement but also their well-being.

EAS UK vision and objectives, to help everyone who wishes to enter Archery, from 'Have-a-go' sessions, to professional shooting. Individual members, have the opportunity to become activity providers/coaches to run and manage their own club within their own town or village, with on going support and training from EAS-UK. We have Inspector Regulators for any business within Waveney who wish to offer archery as an optional activity, we can assist you with your set up, equipment and safety protocols. To book your consultation please call our head office on 07584246510 (Fees will apply)

Another string to our bow (Excuse the pun) are our abilities in attending Fetes, Rallies and other outdoor events, we attend only to raise money for the Housing4Veterans UK A Veterans Society Support Group that helps raise funds to help veterans who are homeless. If you have a fete or event planned within the year, please contact us, or go to our events booking page and we will be happy to attend.

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Bringing Inspiration to Waveney

Eastern Archers Society UK, is part of the Eastern Activities Group devoted to making the community you live in a better place, through various initiatives designed to help those in need of stress relief. We can make a difference to your well-being and help you fulfil your ambitions within the world of Archery. Whether you want to just have fun or take it all the way in becoming an Instructor, we have it all.

Since the EAS UK has begun, we have seen many children, young adult, the elderly and the disabled become more involved, and Archery taking them to better places and meeting new friends, improved their health and well-being.


About Us

We Make It Easy and affordable to get you in to Archery..

Founded in 2012, Eastern Archers Society UK has been working hard with the help of its members and volunteers to encourage children, young adults, the elderly and the disabled, which can benefit with their daily lives and create a healthier lifestyle. Our work is dedicated in supplying the best experience, the most affordable way in delivering equipment and facilities to its growing members, to teaching and instructional courses for everyone who wants to advance in Archery, we strive to inspire and improve the lives of those who wish to experience Archery. Get in touch to learn how we can make a difference through archery.

We are the only Archery activity provider, that can train and provide the essential equipment that can secure employment and career changes.


What We Offer

Have A Go, Family Archery, Low to Medium Level Archery, Reenactment Support, Coaching Qualifications, all under one roof

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Archery For All

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Instructor Courses UK & Overseas


Fighting Inequality

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Daily Sessions Available

Helping everyone take up archery


“Archery teaches us, that everyone has the ability to learn , regardless of their age or disability”
Since starting up the EAS Indoor club, Archery has given me a sense of belonging and sharing.

"L.K.Wall - Head Coach EAS"


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Get in touch with Eastern Archers Society to discover more or book your first session. We thank you for visiting our website, and hope you will come and join us. Thank you for your support.


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